Telemarketing banned at night and weekends

The main political parties have reached an agreement to ban telemarketing calls after 9pm and during the weekends.

A new Consumer Protection Law which is due to be voted on next Wednesday has had this last minute clause added after pressure from consumer groups.

Long term telephone contracts must also be clearer about penalties and how they can be ended. Also, contracts must be available in large print or Braille format for those with visual problems.

The new law brings Spanish consumer law into line with the latest EU recommendations, including a 14 day cooling off period after signing a contract, prohibiting “small print” and ensuring that all prices must be shown to the user before a utility contract can be considered binding.

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  1. Good thing too. They’re a pest. Hallo, can I speak to the subscriber? No, he’s moved to Leningrad. When will he be back? Not for a long time, Lady. Go away!

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