Wild boar causes panic in Garrucha

A wild boar caused panic Tuesday when it got into the middle of the seaside town of Garrucha and started wandering around.

According to residents, it was spotted on Iglesias street and when approached legged it down a side street. Within minutes panic erupted as the large pig “rampaged” up and down streets, with people fleeing in unnecessary horror.

Good fun was had by all, especially the kids who tried to hunt it down.

A Guardia Civil wildlife patrol eventually cornered the animal and shot it – some say with a shotgun, but others say it was with a tranquilliser dart, and that the animal was later released back in the wild. I can’t find any official announcement.

It’s assumed the animal must have wandered in up through the Las Palmeras entrance which leads down to the Vera fields.

Garrucha has form on these matters.

Some years ago -it must be here on the blog somewhere but I can’t quite put my finger on it right now- a badger rampaged through the high street of Garrucha and got into several shops. An overly large Guardia Civil officer won widespread admiration by grabbing it and stuffing it into a small cat carrier before taking it off to be released.

And a few years before, a gitano caused panic when he “snapped” at five in the morning and went rampaging through the streets with his shotgun shooting at the seagulls. A large police operation was mounted to corner him but he escaped, and was loudly hailed as a hero for culling the herd.

It’s all go on the seaside….

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