Spanish banks made 18.417 million euros in commissions last year

You see those strange little bank charges that appear without notice or explanation on your statement every few months?

They racked in  18 billion euros for the banks last year, so expect to see more of them this year.

That almost 24% of the total income declared by Spanish banks. Most of the commissions come from charging for you anything they can (account, card, pension, etc).

According to consumer union ADICAE, the average charge represents 90% profit for the bank. Sabadell was the Spanish bank that increased the amount it brings in from charges the most this year, 20.8%, followed by :

Caixabank (1.760 million up +3,50%), BBVA (4.431 million up +1,80%), Banco Popular (770 million down -3,00%), Banco Santander (9.761 million down -4,90%) y Bankia (935 million down -5,80%). (The amount is the total amount bought in by charges, not the average charge amount).

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