Argie Bargy after submarine surfaces in middle of kiddie regatta

The Argentines are in an uproar after one of their subs surfaced into the middle of a kids regatta in the Mar de Plata.

Nobody is quite sure why the 40 years old Argentine Navy submarine S-31 ARA Salta suddenly decided to surface without checking to see what was above, but panic ensued as the kids sailboats had to tack to safety.

The organisers of the 49ª Semana Internacional del Yachting said that although nobody was hurt, the submarine ripped away several buoys meaning the event had to be cancelled.

An initial report by the Argentine Navy that the submarine had simply sailed into the zone was rubbished by the organisers, who had footage of it suddenly surfacing.

Via El Mundo, which notes that something similar happened during the 2007 Vuelta a España race, when a Spanish Navy sub suddenly appeared between the yachts.

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