Turre water contaminated AGAIN – don’t drink it!

Sulphates in the water? Well, it’s probably just the health department being over cautious. But when the Health Department reckons the water could make you ill, I’d have thought that a little more notice could be given. The Turre townhall, with its usual blasé attitude towards public health and safety, has quietly stuck up a notice in Super Turre telling people that Turre water is contaminated and condemned by the Health Department.

No more demolitions say Junta (unless they happen, of course)

The Junta de Andalucia has dismissed concerns by the Almanzora Business Association AEPA (Asociación de Empresarios de Albox-Valle del Almanzora (AEPA)) about future house demolitions, saying that they are concentrating on making home legal, not seeking demolitions of existing homes. But no changes to the law are being planned, and no special exemptions will be allowed to legalise the illegal homes in Albox area. “Our objective is to legalise as many of these homes as Continue reading No more demolitions say Junta (unless they happen, of course)

Spanish homes sales in 2013 continued to drop

Year on year sales of homes in Spain continue to drop – in 2013, just 311.500 homes were sold, 2.2% fewer than in 2012. That’s a 60% drop in year on year sales over 2007, when 775.300 homes were sold, and the third year in a row to see sales drop. The ending to tax aid on new home purchases in 2013 helped to bolster 2012 sales but caused 2013 sales to drop, I’d reckon. Continue reading Spanish homes sales in 2013 continued to drop

Argie Bargy after submarine surfaces in middle of kiddie regatta

The Argentines are in an uproar after one of their subs surfaced into the middle of a kids regatta in the Mar de Plata. Nobody is quite sure why the 40 years old Argentine Navy submarine S-31 ARA Salta suddenly decided to surface without checking to see what was above, but panic ensued as the kids sailboats had to tack to safety.