VAT on bullfighting could drop to 10%

Currently, VAT (IVA) on all cultural activities is taxed at 21% (luxury).

This includes theatre tickets, entertainment values, works of art, etc.

The government has confirmed it is studying reducing the VAT on works of art to 10% in order to help Spanish artists. However, the tax break would only be on handcrafted individual works of art.

Another item that could be dropped is the cost of going to a bullfight, as part of Madrids attempt to bring the “sport” back into the main stream.

The proposed move has been decried as a tax break for the rich by opposition parties, who point out that few Spaniards in a position to buy luxury works of art, or even go to a bullfight. More common pursuits, such as cinema tickets or the cover charge at nightclubs, would remain at 21%.

The PP government is determined to have bullfighting declared a world heritage art by UNESCO. The move has been backed by a petition which has so far attracted over 600,000 signatures, including those of major politicians such as Rajoy, or leading artists and writers such as Mario Vargas or Joaquin Sabina.

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