The big BBC switch off – now ITV has gone!

We woke up this morning and yes, all the ITV channels had gone.

So that’s the BBC channels and ITV all gone.

Channel 4 is expected to be next…

However, some tinkering by the tame Sat engineer (still trying to lure him back into his cage with a piece of meat after he’d finished) bought them back on a 1.8 metre dish.Currently, it seems you can pick up BBC1, BBC2, BBC news and ITV on a 1.8 metre dish in the Mojácar area, if you have a decent LNB and know where to point it. But the signal is weak and seems likely to go off in bad weather. Since the frequency strength has been going up and down, we still don’t know exactly how powerful the transponders will be when they are finally fixed.

BBC3, BBC4 and the other ITV channels are very weak on the 1.8 dish and keep freezing.

On a positive note, it seems the BBC channel transmission has been holding steady over the last 24 hours, so hopefully they aren’t planning on any further power reductions, which would really bugger us up.

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