Man who threw dog at referee done for animal abuse and hooligalism

A fellow at a local footie match at Olula del Rio was so angry by the ref’s decision that he picked up a dog sitting quietly next to him and threw it at the ref when he came nearby.

The dog, which was more startled than anything, quietly limped away, whilst its owner punched the aggressor in the face.

The fight took place last Sunday in Olula del Rio’s Juan José Rodriguez football stadium between Comarca del Mármol & La Cañada Atlético teams.

A vet who examined the animal said that despite having dropped two meters down, it was only bruised and scared.

A nearby Guardia Civil officer separated the two men and nicked the prat for animal abuse. He was also later charged with football hooliganism which could lead to him being banned from future matches.

The breed of the dog is sadly not mentioned in the article from La Voz.

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  1. Hello, This referee is in the same association as my son Jack, who referee´d a match Mojacar vs Carboneras in early December and came out of the ground at full time to find his moped had been totally vandalised, as the insurance wont cover the damage, we have asked the Football Federation of Andulucia (all referees pay to be in this assocation) for their help with the cost of repairs or maybe a replacement second hand moped, to cut a long stort short they are not willing to offer anything not even one euro, when will the spanish wake up and realise this is not allowed, the abuse that the referees receive here is undescribable so much so i refuse to go and watch as its too upsetting, to have your 17 year old son receive death threats and have things thrown at them, i am sure that this would not happen in the UK.

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