Man who threw dog at referee done for animal abuse and hooligalism

A fellow at a local footie match at Olula del Rio was so angry by the ref’s decision that he picked up a dog sitting quietly next to him and threw it at the ref when he came nearby. The dog, which was more startled than anything, quietly limped away, whilst its owner punched the aggressor in the face.

VAT on bullfighting could drop to 10%

Currently, VAT (IVA) on all cultural activities is taxed at 21% (luxury). This includes theatre tickets, entertainment values, works of art, etc. The government has confirmed it is studying reducing the VAT on works of art to 10% in order to help Spanish artists. However, the tax break would only be on handcrafted individual works of art. Another item that could be dropped is the cost of going to a bullfight, as part of Madrids Continue reading VAT on bullfighting could drop to 10%