Mojacar gets even more car parks

The Diputación, fresh with cash now they’ve abolished the provincial tourism board, has decided to splurge 128,000 euros on building 51 new parking space on Mojacar (Playa).

Yes, yes, I know, I thought the same thing myself. How much?But we’re also getting a new “containment wall with infill”, preinstallation of PVC tubing for the future passage of pipes, flood drains, lighting, marking, a pedestrian barrier and signs.

So I assume they’re going on the sea side, and they’re tidying up the coastline there a bit.

It’s on the AL5107. That’s what the Diputacion calls the Carboneras – Garrucha coast road. Everyone else calls it the ALP-118 (including Google) so I have no idea where these luxury car parks are going.

If we could find the AL5107 on a map, we’d see there were going at KM points 13.500 to 13.800. Despite this being mathematically only 300 metres, 431 metres of road are being affected, so I’m not sure how they worked that one out.

No doubt we will find out where this is soon enough, when the lorries start to turn up and block off the road.

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2 Replies to “Mojacar gets even more car parks”

  1. Having read several reports about this in sundry newspapers – usually strong on the triumphant diputación angle if a trifle weak on the vital detail, I was vaguely wondering where the parking is going to be. Somewhere where we couldn’t park before? Has some player just bought a beach bar?
    Still don’t know.

  2. Well, I asked the Town Hall, they say: Entre el chiringuito Playa Blanca y Tito´s. Useful, but isn’t that parking meter (Zona Azul) territory?

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