Andalucia drops price of ITV inspection by up to 35%

The price of having your car ITV’d has dropped by up to 35% after the Junta slashed the price. (It’s the Spanish version of the MOT in the UK).

All ITV stations in Andalucia are run by a state owned company, VEIASA. As it’s expected to run at a surplus this year, the Junta has decided to drop the prices.

All ITV inspections will drop by a minimum of 10%.

Cars under 1,600 CV will see a price drop of 22.2%, handicapped equipped vehicles 20.8%, etc etc etc

Mobile ITV units will no longer charge for callouts. (Mainly affecting gas stations, garages and shops who have to have their scales weighed).

It will cost VEIASA about 15 million euros in lost income. The company operates 63 ITV stations across Andalusia, with 214 lines running at any one time.

Prices had gone up by 5.5% last year, and 10% the year before. The price drop means Andalusia will have the cheapest ITV in the country.

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