Free vote called on whether to drop abortion law change

The Congress has called a free vote on whether to demand the withdrawal of the controversial abortion law.

The PSOE introduced a motion to call for the withdrawal of the bill, and with the backing of other opposition parties, managed to get approval for a secret ballot on it.

Since the PP has a majority, if the motion passes, it means that the PP’s own MP’s have voted for the withdrawal, which will be a major embarrassment for Rajoys party.

But given the pigheadness of Rajoy and his rightwing cabal, it doesn’t mean it will be killed off – he could still force it through.

The abortion bill is a major headache for the PP – badly thought out, only introduced to appease the right wing faction of Spain in the last elections (it was a manifesto promise), it’s turned into a nightmare where Rajoy can’t cancel it without losing major face, and at least one Government minister : Gallardon, the ex-mayor of Madrid who introduced the bill, has threatened to resign if anyone touches “his” bill.

The abortion bill would turn the clock back for Spain, and introduce an extreme rightwing ban on abortion that hasn’t been seen in Europe since the middle 20th century.

Thousands of people have been marching against it in Spain, and it has drawn international condemnation and ridicule.

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