12 pot bellied pigs captured in Madrid city

A herd of 12 pot bellied Vietnamese pigs were captured by Madrid city police today after a campaign to find the little vandals was launched.

Neighbours had long been complaining that wild boar were destroying parkland along the Manzanares river, but police were baffled as to where the herd of pigs were coming from.

Residents constantly complained of nocturnal encounters with the pigs, but they were never to be found during the day.

Environmental police, convinced a herd of wild pigs had wandered into the area from the countryside, eventually setup a nocturnal operation which resulted in the capture of 11 Vietnamese potbellied pigs and a half-breed boar. To the bafflement of the police and the vets, they were all quite tame.

Turns out they were escaping from a chaps back garden at night! And would scuttle back at dawn to their home.

The herd consisted of 6 females of about 20kilos each, 5 piglets, and a half-wild boar / Vietnamese cross boar.

The owner of the pigs explained that he’d rescued them from local residents who could no longer take care of them, as he had a large garden, but had no idea of the chaos they were causing.

The animals will be returned once the owner fixes his fence.

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