Pedro Jota attacks Spanish government in “NY Times” (but then says: that’s not my article!)

Pedro Jota, the flamboyant ex-editor of El Mundo who was fired last week for daring to reveal one too many secrets about Rajoy’s lot, had a very critical piece of his published in the New York Times.

You can read it here.: “In Spain, fired for speaking out”

Basically he compares Rajoy to Franco and says he ensured all the advertising dried up to his paper, leading to him being fired to unblock the boycott.

More interestingly, I notice a (very quiet and very well worded) bit in El Mundo where he denies having authorised this article, and says it’s not the translation he authorised to be printed, before (again, very quietly) asking for it to be pulled from the NYTimes website.

Is this a case of trying to have your cake AND eat it?

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