Mojacar chosen to present new BMW bikes

200 sales chains from across the Iberian Peninsula were present in Mojacar over the weekend as BMW Motorrad chose the area to show off the 2014 range of BMW motorbikes.

So that explains why there were so many BMW motorbikes on the roads over the weekend.

They were all put up in Hotel Marina Playa, and over 200 BMW bikes made available for the sales people to try out.

A number of routes around Mojácar were laid out for them to be tried out. And, of course, they all went up to Tabernas race track to try them. (Hence the photo above).

The usual bunch of self serving politicians turned up to be photographed with them to take credit, but I can’t be bothered repeating what they all said. Mainly, it was apologising for forgetting to include any part of the levante in the Bisbal promotional video.

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