Almeria castle WILL open summer evenings after successful campaign

A campaign to make the Junta de Andalucia allow the evening openings of Almeria Castle to go ahead this year has finally been successful, and the Culture department has authorised a series of activities every Tuesday to Saturday during July and August, from 8pm to 10pm.

Museums in the city continue to close in the afternoons as planned.

Almeria Castle (la Alcalzaba) has been opened up in the evenings for the last few summers, with cultural activities, and re-enactment of life in Moorish times being a great draw for tourists.  I’ve been, and it was always great fun.

Flamenco, music, theatre and cultural re-enactments of Moorish life all take place next to explanations of how the fortress was used and lived in during the years of the Moors.

This year, budget cutbacks had caused the Junta to cancel the programme.  But tourist chiefs and local re-enactment people had joined forces to force the reopening.

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