Oldest woman in Andalucia (from Almeria!) dies at 109

Adelaida Vargas Ortega died just hours after her 109th birthday Sunday night.

The  “grandmother of Andalucia”, as she was known, had lived in the Residencia Asistida San Antonio OAP home, in Las Cabañuelas de Vícar, since 2008.

She was born on the 2nd of Feb 1905 in Adra, the oldest of seven children, and lived a peasant life almost all her life.

The management of the Residencia said that Adelaida was mentally and physically active until the last days of her life, and used to carry out a daily exercise regime until she was well past 100.

“She was determined to live past 109” he said. “She was a great old lady who enjoyed her life”.

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