Where’s the worst roundabout in Almería province?

Ideal newspaper is currently running a series on roundabouts in the province, and is asking for votes on the worst one.

Currently, the Chupachús in front of Torrecardenas hospital is winning by a massive 48%, probably because it’s a bloody nightmare.

They’ve also discovered that in a country where the last centimo is accounted for on official budgets and tourists are counted off to the last individual (as I’ve said before, you can’t say that the average tourist spends 4,8 nights in Almeria on holiday, it’s daft), nobody knows how many roundabouts there are.

“We don’t keep track of them, there is no official registry” admits carreteras.

The Spanish road designers love roundabouts – they fit in perfectly with the ethos that Spanish roads must be perfect but with incredibly dangerous traps that catch you unawares.

Plus, you can fine anyone who dares use the inside lane. What is it used for?

More, and some nice photos of the best and worst from across the province, over at ideal.com/almeria

2 Replies to “Where’s the worst roundabout in Almería province?”

  1. I think a good place to build some is on the dangerous Los Gallardos to Garrucha road: top, tail and two more half-way down at the Turre and Mojácar exits.

  2. We all think that! But the lorry drivers from the mines are too powerful, nobody dares to do it

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