Airports relax liquid laws

You can now take sealed aerosols, baby products, specific dietary drinks and medicines over 100ml when flying from Spanish airports. Other products continue to be banned as before.Including, I assume, an innocent bottle of water that hasn’t be purchased with the 1500% markup the airport puts on its vending machines.

It’s the first step towards a relaxation of EU rules governing these types of products onboard planes. You still need those bloody stupid little bags to put them in. The new rules came into effect at midnight on Friday.

You can also take sealed bottles purchased in one Duty Free airport through a second security checkpoint, something not permitted before. So a passenger flying to Hong Kong from Denmark, who bought a bottle in Copenhagen, would have had it confiscated if he stopped in Madrid. But you have to tell duty free, and they have to seal the bottle inside a special sealed bag.

AENA says that (see here):

Liquids are only permitted in hand luggage in the following cases:

  • Liquids in individual containers with a capacity of less than 100 ml. These containers must be carried in a transparent plastic bag that can be resealed, with a capacity of not more than 1 litre (a bag approximately 20 x 20 cm in size). Each passenger may carry only one such bag (including children).

    The contents should fit inside the bag comfortably, and it must be possible to close the bag completely.

    Passengers should obtain such bags before commencing their journey. They can be purchased in any shopping centre, as long as the bags meet the established requirements, or in the shops at some airports.

  • Liquids that have to be used during the journey*, whether due to medical requirements or special dietary needs, including baby food.

    It is recommended that, whenever possible, passengers carry with them their medical prescription or proof of their particular condition.

    * Journey = outward flight + stay + return flight.

  • Liquids, such as drinks or perfumes, bought at airport shops or on an aircraft belonging to any airline, which are packaged in standard pre-sealed security bags, which contain the receipt detailing their purchase at the airport or on the aircraft. Do not open the security bags until you arrive at your destination.

    Shop personnel and aircraft crew will offer passengers all the information they need on transporting the purchased liquids.

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