Madrid frees up restaurant rules

Madrid has approved a new series of bylaws which remove all restrictions on restaurant sizes, kitchen size and installations, and locations on restaurant installations. Indeed, restaurants with less than 200 square meters of total space will be allowed to have just one unisex toilet, and even smaller restaurants won’t have to have indoor bins.

The idea is to free up restaurants to allow “creative cooking” to flourish, explains Mayor Ana Botella. She wants chefs to let their creativity to run wild, setting up “overnight restaurants” or “show cooking”. The new rules would permit temporary installation of popup restaurants, for example, something forbidden at the moment, as long as they comply with the hygiene laws.

It’s not all freeing up, tho’. Nurseries will have to have more space per kid than before. Food areas in gyms, funeral parlours or spas will now have to obey the same food laws as other types of restaurants, something they didn’t before. Funeral Parlours, for example, will also have to have proper separation between the morgue areas and the food areas.

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