129 homes saved from demolition in Roquetas del Mar

Yeah they’re ugly and too big, and the permit was dodgy, but what are you going to do? shrugged the Supreme Court of Andalucia.

The matter was over a block of 129 apartments called “Balcón del Golf” in Playa Serena, Roquetas del Mar.

A resident of the area, one Stephen John Knight, denounced the townhall and the builder (used-to-be-massive Aifos), saying that the building permit was irregular, and the zoning for the area only permitted two storey buildings, meaning these 3 storey buildings exceeded the zoning.

The TSJA says that, yup, Stephen’s right, but whatcha going to do. They’ve permitted the building to stand, saying the irregularities do not call for demolition, but have called for a separate investigation into why the townhall issued the original building license knowing full well that zoning of the area wouldn’t allow it.

If you enjoy reading legal summaries in Spanish, it’s over at Ideal.

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