Galasa proposes hefty water price hike

GALASA, the water company for most of the Levante, has asked to increase its fixed cost for having a water connection by €9 a month.

It’s idea is to have all customers on the same basic water rate. Currently, depending on which town you live in, your standing cost for a water meter can vary immensely.

Depending on where you live, the increase could be 300%.

The proposal is being sent out to all townhalls who are covered by the taxpayer owned water firm for discussion and voting.

Galasa is run by a board of directors appointed by the ruling politicians every four years. It has run up a staggering debt, which could be as much as €30 million euros, and continues to fail to provide either drinkable water, or proper sewage works, to much of the Levante. The price increase would go, not towards actually providing a service fit for a modern Western democracy, but to attempt to service the debt.

It is, in fact, a corrupt joke of a company that sucks at the taxpayers teat, and if an independent audit is ever carried out of the company’s finances, I suspect a lot of people would be looking at jail.

Via Levante Ideal.

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