Spain completes review of Armed Forces for 21st century

Spain has completed its review of the Armed Forces, reducing the total number to 121,000 personnel.

A new Central Operations Force of 67,000 soldiers, sailors and air has been created, out of which a Joint Force of 27,000 military will be on operational status at any time, with a joint HQ based in Madrid.

The Joint Force includes oversea missions, coastguard, UME (the military emergency response force to assist civilian forces), the Intelligence Agency and cyberdefense.

Spain is budgeting for around 10,000 military to be on active missions internationally at any one time, with a further 5,000 on permanent rotating operational status nationally.

Head of the Spanish Armed Forces, el jefe de Estado Mayor de la Defensa (Jemad), almirante general Fernando García, said that the total number of armed forces had dropped by 1,000 from last year, and that this year a further reduction was expected, as personnel left and were not replaced.

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