Mayor pay capped at 100,000 euros a year

No Mayor can earn over €100,000 a year after a change to the law was approved.

So Mayors of towns over 500.000 people get up to €100,000; 300.001 y 500.000 pop up to €90,000; 150.001 y 300.000 pop earn up to €80.000; 75.001 y 150.000 pop will get up to €75,000; 50.001 y 75.000 get €65.000; 20.001 y 50.000 get €50.000; 10.001 y 20.000 get €50,000; 5.001 y 10.000 get €45,000 and between 1.000 y 5.000 get up to €40,000.

Mayors of towns with fewer than 1.000 pop will no longer be considered to be fully employed and can only draw a part time salary, depending on the amount of time they dedicate to the job: the maximum would be €30,000.

So expect to see some fiddling of the padrón as towns with 4,500 pop suddenly expand to 5,001.

For comparision, the average salary last year in Spain was just €15,000 (ElEconomista).

Via 20minutos.

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