Gas bombonas price to soar if government stops subsidising

The price of a bombona looks set to almost double if a government plan to stop underwriting the cost of them goes ahead.

Gas Natural Fenosa, the largest bombona company in Spain, has confirmed that it expect the government to “shortly” stop subsidising the cost of bottled gas, and to stop fixing the price – meaning it will soar!

If this happens, Gas Natural expects the price of an orange bottle to go up from the current maximum price of €17 to €25 or €30 a bottle, the same price as in France or Portugal.

Currently, the government fixes a set price per bottle, but if the wholesale price of gas goes above this cost, the State offsets the difference.

Gas Natural says the Government is expected to decide whether or not to continue with this system in March, when the contracts must be renewed for another year, but with soaring natural gas prices, it is prepared for the market to be freed up.

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