Euroweekly versus Lenox Napier trial – the parties speak out!

I wasn’t expected to mention the EuroweeklyNews versus Lenox Napier libel case for a couple of weeks (until the Judge responds), but both have spoken out about the case to me, and EWN asked me to write up a report.

(Read the reasons here: Euroweeklynews versus Lenox Napier court case. )

I spoke to Michel E from the EuroWeeklyNews last night, who asked me to say to all of Lenox’s supporters that she deeply, deeply regrets having to go to court over this issue, but that the truth must out and that she was “driven to this” by injustice after injustice.

“In a civilised society, eventually, it is down to us to ask a Judge to back the truth and support us” she told me, before adding that she was driven to tears over Lenox’s condition everytime she thought of him.

Michel E says she takes no pleasure in winning the trial, nor in Lenox confessing in front of the Judge, but simply “a satisfaction in knowing vindication after this hate campaign”.

She also said, “personally from me, from my heart” that she was deeply grateful for me having helped to expose the Fat Fraudster Nigel Goldman, and encouraged me to continue “helping and assisting” locals fight for truth.  [AdWords-B]

Lenox, meanwhile, says he’s been told by his lawyers not to comment on the case or its outcome until the Judge makes her ruling, but added that:

I can’t say much, beyond being relieved of having an opportunity of recalling the history of the issues in my ‘day in court’.
You could maybe yourself make the point that the EWN/Entertainer stand off was never much of a news story, but by bringing me to public court, the cause has suddenly turned célèbre.
Thanks for your support, much appreciated!!

A ruling from the Judge is expected in the next couple of weeks. The EWN have promised to send me a copy of the ruling when it’s published along with any other information that they consider relevant.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Richard Torné was barred from reporting on the court case for reasons I have yet to ascertain, and he isn’t happy – he’s spent the morning filing complaints against every court official he can find! No doubt we can read all about it in this Fridays “Costa Almeria News”.

More from the Olive Press on the “Campaign of Terror against the EuroWeeklyNews“.

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