Vox: A new political party born to cut waste and regional governments

A new national political party has been formed in Spain called Vox.

The central point of its manifesto is the suppression of the regional governments of Spain, which the party considers duplicates powers and costs.

“We defend a centralised Spain, which respects and admires its regional differences, but which is a modern, efficient and functioning state” said founder Santiago Abascal.

“One Parliament, One Government and One Supreme Court” is the catchphrase.

One of the main figures in Vox is José Antonio Ortega Lara, who spent 532 days kidnapped by Basque terrorist group ETA, most of them in foxholes out in the forest. It´s the first time he’s appeared in public for many years, and he gave each journalist individual attention.

Other notable founders of the party include many slightly faded politicians from yesteryears, such as Mikel Buesa, who used to be number 2 in UPyD, Carlos Bustelo who was Minister of Industry in Spains first democratic government under Adolfo Suarez, or Ana María Vidal-Abarca, who used to be president of the ETA terrorist Victims Support group “AVT”.

The party defines itself as rightwing but not conservative, in favour of the Monarchy and hopes to take voters from the moderate PP, and UPyD.

Vox intends to present candidates to this years European Elections, and to present a full list across the country to next years national elections.

One Reply to “Vox: A new political party born to cut waste and regional governments”

  1. VOX is in reality liberal, conservative and unionist party. More related with french UMP but near National Front.
    UpyD is, in contrast, a party that is more related with US democratic party or british liberal-democratic party, the same as catalan Ciutadans that defend the same ideology (two of them are split of Socialist party).
    VOX(Rightwing)-PP(centre-right Liberal)-Upyd/Ciutadans(liberal democratic)-PSOE(socialdemocracy)-IU(Republican left communist alliance).
    But why is happening this? Its because PP and PSOE don´t want to renew their parties or even had primary elections in order to debate. Not transparency, not internal democracy, not to carry out electoral promises etc….
    Now, ones in Basque Country and Catalonia the non-nationalist will have the possibility to vote what they want.
    Is not posible to see that when the electoral participation is very high(general elections) in the two region the nationalists are defeated but in regional election the electoral participation decreased and nationalist win. Is something very strange.

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