Finally, Mojacar on the BBC (yep, it’s illegal homes again)

BBC Inside Out tonight aired a piece with Paul and Joan Cooper who spent €180,000 on a home that was illegal in Zurgena. Naturally, the home was illegal, it’s facing demolition, no compensation and they’re facing ruin. BBC

Still, Mojacar gets quite a few nice shots, along with lots of homes being knocked down, empty villas and half built apartment blocks.

Spanish justice gets a mention, and a good interview with Maura Hillen from AUAN, who quickly and succinctly gets the point across.

Antonio Salas from the townhall puts the blame fully on the Junta.

But Jose Ortiz from the Junta blames the townhalls.

A moment of optimism, as a possible solution is mentioned for next year (yeah, right), but the overall message is clear: don’t buy in Spain!

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