Chap gets parking ticket 7 YEARS after offense in Barcelona

Back in 2007, Jaume Fíguls parked his van in a bus lane whilst he carried a delivery into a shop. When he came out, he’d been ticketed. Fair enough.

Never thought anything more of it, and never received a fine, either.

Until last week, when it turned up. 7 years later.

Juame’s van had been registered to his company, which rejected the original fine. Since then, it’s been in the system of Barcelona local police.

The fine is now 310,75€, of which 68.42€ is late payment penalty. Juame, pictured above in his van, is considering appealing the fine, which has an expiry of four years after the offense. But Barcelona townhall says no, the period is reset everytime they try to send it out and it’s rejected. But since it would probably cost more to take it to court than to pay it, he’s resigned to stumping up.

They do say that a Catalan never forgets a debt…

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