Carboneras PSOE “flat out rejects” Algarrobico demolition plans

It’s an error, a mistake, and destruction for our village, says the local PSOE in Carboneras, rejecting flat out President Diaz’s plan to create local jobs by knocking down the illegal and half built hotel on its outskirts. They’ve also said they will refuse to cooperate with the demolition, won’t help in finding local workers, and intend to picket the hotel to prevent demolition.

The PSOE in Carboneras is basically a family run mafia who back the Algarrobico Hotel up to the hilt. You guess why.

It’s now run by a woman called Rosario Fernández. She’s the sister of ex-mayor Cristobal Fernández, who was banned from holding public office over some trifling misunderstanding involving building permits, and anyway lost the majority in the last elections. Cristobal was the main political backer of the Algarrobico hotel, and continues to clamour for it to be opened. Rosario also wants it open. Whilst his personal issues are being sorted, he remains on the council.

Another local politician who wants it opened is Antonio Amérigo Fernández, the nephew of Rosario and Cristobal. He’s the “secretary for ideas” in the provincial PSOE, as well as sitting on the local council. His brother, not quite so high up the ladder, is José Luis Amérigo Fernández, PSOE spokesperson for the town. There are, I understand, more around, but the list is too long to go through.

The town of Carboneras is now run by a coalition of the PP and a local party called Gicar. The local PSOE have been complaining that the PP have “rolled over” to appease the regional authority, but the PP have pointed out that all they’ve done is (with the approval of the council) stopped fighting expensive and pointless legal battles on behalf of the Algarrobico hotel.

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