Lie Detector test requested for Marta’s murderer

The National Police have applied for permission to give Miguel Carcaño a new type of lie detector test in an attempt to find out what he did with the body of teenager Marta del Castillo five years ago.

Miguel, a teenage friend of Marta’s, killed her in Seville and dumped her body somewhere. Since there, he has given at least five false locations to the Police which have resulted in searches costing millions of euros, all to no avail.

Police have dragged the Guadalquivir river, dug up the Alcalá de Guadaira rubbish tip, searched the swamps of Camas and dug up farmland in Rinconada. The total expense of these searches is well over two million euros, but nothing has ever been found, and the results have left the National Police a laughing stock.

Carcaño was eventually sentenced to 21 years in jail in 2009.

The National Police now want to connect him up to a brainwave machine that will detect his brain responses when they show him a series of images. It’s assumed that technicians can then identify which images trigger a response in his brain, hopefully giving them clues as to where the body might be.

It’s a new technique for Spain, although the Police have already used this technique on a man called Antonio Losil who is accused to killing and hiding the body of his wife, although they still haven’t found the body.

This lie detector kit is used by the US, Japanese and German police forces.

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