Judge to Tax Office: You treat the Royal Family differently!

Well, what a surprise. Nice to hear it being said by someone official, tho’.

The Judge who is prosecuting Princess Cristina for tax fraud has reprimanded several Tax Inspectors who in past allowed her to slip fake invoices into her tax return without penalty. “You, and your entire department, appear to be under orders to “look the other way” when it comes to the Royal Family” he blasted at them.

José Castro cross-examined these Inspectors to find out why three false invoices which were disallowed in her past income tax declaration did not give rise to any penalty or alarm, as should be normal procedures. Instead, these tax officials simply “looked the other way” and disallowed them, although under Tax rules this should have set off alarm bells and resulted, at the very least, in a nasty fine.

One of the Inspectors has since alleged that he was just following orders, and has pointed out that the computer system used by the Tax Office doesn’t allow alarm calls for members of the Royal Family or senior politicians. Instead, it’s just “escalated” to be dealt with internally (ie, slipped under the table).

These three invoices are key to the allegations of tax fraud against the Princess. If they are legal, all she is culpable of is badly filling out a form. If, as the Judge reckons, they are fraudulent, she’s accused of trying the deceive the tax office with malicious aforethought, and that’s tax fraud….

Meanwhile, the same Judge has given permission for the Princess to “slip in the back door” of the courts on her trial day, to avoid the cameras, and furthermore, won’t allow cameras inside the court, even official ones (audio recordings only).

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