1.053.666 tourists came to Almeria in 2013

This (very precise) figure comes from the stats office, who add that the average length of stay is 4,18 days, the longest in all of Andalucia and the fifth longest in all of Spain.

Ignoring that fact that nobody stays for 4,18 days (they don’t teach the art of rounding in Spanish mathematical courses) a distressing number (from the expat viewpoint) of these holidaymakers were Spanish : 842.624 of them were Spanish nationals.

That means 211.042 were foreigners, adds the INE. Which I assume we’d already realised.

Breaking the 2012/2013 stats down is interesting:

1.015.063 tourists in 2012, 1.053.666 in 2013. So up 38.603 people.

163.090 guiris came last year, 211.042 this year. Up 47.952 (29%). Which means fewer Spaniards came.

The only regions of Spain where the tourists stay for longer are: Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Baleares & Alicante.

45.13% of Spanish tourists are from other regions of Andalucia; 15.76% from Madrid; 10.79% from Murcia and 9.65% are Valencianos.

Now, these figures are, I understand, based exclusively on hotel, resort and campsite figures as reported by law. So they don’t take into account the people who land and scurry off to stay in a rented apartment or at a friends villa.

For example, we know that 391.743 people from abroad landed at Almeria airport in 2013, with total passenger numbers at 705.552. Where did the missing 120 thousand go?

Indeed, most of the Spanish figures are probably Imserso holidays – Spanish OAP’s on government sponsored all inclusive holidays to the beaches.

You can, for example, enjoy 8 days around here all inclusive for 165.51€, according to Imserso. All very nice, but because they go to all inclusive hotels, and they’re old and travelling with no grandkids, don’t spend any money other than the occasional icecream.

Still, it’s nice to pretend that they’re all being tracked.

More via La Voz.

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