Rajoy says No Referendum, No Catalan, No breakup of Spain on my watch!

Mariano Rajoy delivered a furious speech today in Barcelona, during which he said he would NOT permit a referendum on Catalan autonomy, said any such referendum was ILLEGAL, would NOT permit any actions that would lead to a breakup of Spain, would TAKE ACTION against anyone who tried hold a referendum and would NOT enter into any discussions on the matter.

“Whilst I am President, this illegal referendum will not be held, and nor shall Spain fragment. Let this be clear” he roared at hundreds of rabid PP supporters in Barcelona, before hitting the “play” button to a chorus of ¡Que Viva Espana!

We are all Spanish he told the supporters. And no one region of Spain can decide or take a decision that will bind the rest.

Next stop: armed confrontation I should imagine, with protests already being organised for the democratic right to decide in Catalonia. Honestly, all Rajoy seems to do is to force more and more Catalans into the pro-independence camp.

Más aquí or indeed, any Spanish news source.

Rajoy (pictured with the leader of the Catalan PP party, Alicia Sanchez) might have been a bit disappointed by the turnout to his speech, the place didn’t seem overly booked.

It’s the first real response from the Government to the request this week from Catalonia to the national government for the right to hold a referendum. A resounding No is expected from the PP controlled government.

We also learnt this week of a new tactic by the Government to make sure a non-official Referendum isn’t held: any Mayor who releases their copy of the padrón for the referendum will be charged under the Data Protection Act.

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