More on Nigel Goldman in the expat press

Here’s the stories about Nigel Goldman (aka the Fat Fraudster) from the local expat press this week:

  • The Olive Press has a very interesting look at his failed life: All that glitters is not Nigel Goldman as seasoned British fraudster vanishes over millions of missing money in Spain looking at his past convictions that lead him to Spain, and the times he’s spent in jail.
  • The Costa Almeria News has Take the money and run another investigative report into him, where they find out more about his invented past, including a pretence that he once made a film.
  • The Euro Weekly News has an impassioned (and bizarre) plea to basically “shut the f*ck up” about Goldman entitled Silence is Goldman, where they accuse him of being a crook and a fraud, admit they bought him to Spanish society when he arrived penniless in Spain, but then ask us to please shut up and not go about him any more, adding that Goldman, “your last glass of Veuve-Clicquot  is on us!”. Strangely enough, they don’t mention that he was writing financial advice columns for them for a while, as you can clearly see from the old articles on their EWN business section….

Hey, isn’t looking the other way when the first complaints started to appear how he managed to get established down here in the first place? Ah hem? I’d also like to ask why, if we’re not suppose to mention NG any more, the EWN have been submitting this article on “Silence is Goldman” to content syndication sites such as….. Which have the final use of bolstering their Google rankings, something they’re accusing everyone else of doing!

Anyway, I expect this story still has some time to run. I wonder what life in a Moroccan prison would be like? Damned unpleasant I reckon, especially if you’re a fat broke Westerner!

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