Lenox versus the EuroWeekly court case on Monday!

I am told that the long awaited trial of Lenox Napier versus the EuroWeeklyNews owner is being held on Monday at penal court nº 4 in Almeria.

Lenox was originally (back when, 2009? info on his blog somewhere) sued by the Eusuesdens for slander, after accusing them of purchasing the rights to his newspaper, setting up a side company, shifting all the advertisers and clients to the new company, then returning the empty original (and bankrupt) company, leaving him in the lurch and facing the creditors. So much in the muck that he couldn’t even amass the cash to file a lawsuit for breech of contract. We all know the story. How much is true? We shall shortly find out!

Michel got so fed up with his constant whining about it (all on his blog, under his own name, and with all the facts that he could muster) that she sued him for libel and got a gagging order until the case could be heard. See, Lenox was upfront about his grievance, and so she had plenty of evidence to present to the Judge.

This may have backfired slightly. M.E. obtained a gagging order until the trial could be heard (fair enough, that’s the whole point of the trial).

However, Lenox’s counterclaim was accepted, and the Judge at the time scheduled a full hearing to see if his claims could be substantiated. Which is kind of the point. If it’s true, then it’s not libel, is it?

He also decided that the accusations being levelled on both sides elevated the matter from a civil to a penal one.

Spanish justice being what it is, that court hearing is tomorrow, four years or so later.  Heh, why rush justice, eh?

Will Lenox be vindicated? Or will he be jailed for one year, and be made to pay a five figure sum in compensation, as Michel E is demanding? We shall know…. well, not tomorrow, but when the Judge delivers his ruling in a couple of weeks or so.

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  1. Lenox has done wonders for the community and has always been a fantastic righter! Bring back the Entertainer!! You have our prairs Lenox!!

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