5th Cash for clapped out bangers plan approved today

The government has today authorised PIVE5, the fifth edition of the PIVE plan which offers consumers cash if they trade in their clapped out old car for a new one. It should come into effect at once.

175 million euros will be spent to take 175,000 old cars off the road, with a maximum price of €25,000 (or €30,000 if they are for disabled drivers).

If you have a vehicle that’ s over 10 years old, and trade it in for a new one, you get €2,000 off the price.

Or, if you are a familia numerosa or disabled buying your primary vehicle, you get €3,000 off the price.

If you’re buying an electric car, the cash goes ontop of whatever else is available to con you into buying one.plan-pive-2013-julio

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