Olula del Rio townhall catches fire, radio station damaged

The townhall of Olula del Rio (up in the mountains) caught fire this morning, and seems to have gutted the studio of the local radio station, Radiolula.

Olula del Rio townhall

Mayor Martínez Pascual said that everything was OK at 7:15 am when the cleaners let themselves in, but at 8am the fire alarm went off, and shortly afterwards flames were coming out of a window, as you can see in the photos.

Two fire trucks attended the blaze. The only injury was a firefighter who was “overcome by the smoke” and had to be taken away by ambulance, which makes me wonder what he’d been up to.

The Mayor says the fire brigade think the fire was started by a short circuit. I’m always suspicious of fires in townhalls, they often start unexpectedly next to the filing cabinets at politically opportune moments…

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