Explore the bottom of the sea in Mojacar cultural centre!

Mojacar is hosting the third “Posidonia 100% Mediterránea” exhibition, which aims to show people the ecosystem of the sea without having to don a scuba suit.

The exhibition, financed by the Junta, is visiting different towns and will be in Mojacar cultural centre from the 21st of Jan until the 30th. It’s an educational show which aims to bring the concept of “under the sea” to children and adults alike.

Explore the bottom of the Med, see how the ecosystem works, and understand more about how pollutants not just affect those ecosystems but also get into our food chain.

It then carries on until Vera (4 – 13 feb); Pulpí (17-25 feb); Villaricos (Cuevas del Almanzora), 27th Feb – 5 March and back to Garrucha, 7 -21 March.

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