Algarrobico will be DEMOLISHED and LOCAL PEOPLE used for the job says President Diaz

President Susana Diaz of Andalucia today made the startling announcement that she is launching a job scheme in Carboneras based around the demolition of the Algarrobico hotel, and restoring of the land it sits on back to natural park.

The move is being seen as an attempt to win hearts and minds in Carboneras, as the townhall is firmly against the demolition of the hotel and wants it opened.

President Diaz said that the demolition and restoration of land would be carried out by local people, and that funds would be made available to employ the unemployed of the town in the project.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the land this hotel is on must return to the natural park of Cabo de Gata and the hotel be demolished. Another ruling on the legality of the building licenses is pending.

Read more about the Algarrobico hotel in Carboneras here…

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