Ex-politician gets first place in civil servant exam… that she set?

María Jesús Mejuto was the PSOE Minister for Health in the regional government of Extremadura, and also Chief of the Exam Board for medical exams until late 2011, when she was voted out.

Part of her duties were approving the exams which candidates for top jobs need to pass. These exam questions are still being used. Another part of her job was appointing people to the (well paid and not very onerous) exam review board.

Now she sat one of those exams recently, on “General Surgery on the Digestive Apparatus” and passed with flying colours: 9.33 out of 10.  Strangely enough.

Just for a general idea, 37 other people sat this exam, and the next highest mark was 6.4, which was pretty good.

Professionals say that getting 9.3 out of 10 on an exam of this type would put you in a very, very, very high band of specialist knowledge. Far higher than someone who has been out of the profession for several years, concentrating on their political career, would be expected to obtain.

So, is María Jesús Mejuto a genius, a very good student or…. ?

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