Army Sarge sent down for beating crap out of soldier he thought was sending sexy messages to his girlfriend

A cabo in the Legión at Almeria military base has been sent down by the Supreme Court for three months for beating the crap out of a subordinate soldier, after he suspected the chap of sending saucy messages to his (the cabos) girlfriend over the internet.

A Military Court had earlier exonerated the Sergeant and condemned the subordinate to three months confinement for insulting a superior officer. But the soldier appealed to the civilian courts which overturned the military ruling.

The fuss happened in 2008 when the Sarge, attached to the Tercio Don Juan de Austria 3º brigade based in Almería, attached to the Grupo de Artillería de Campaña II were both on assignment in Libya.

It seems the Sarge left a computer logged onto the network and an instant messaging programme open. When he came back, he found someone had been messaging saucy IMs to his girlfriend, pretending to be him.

Someone mentioned they’d seen the soldier messing around near the computer, and so the Sarge went to settle accounts.

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