Spanish population plummets as immigrants flee

Spain lost 135.538 people last year as emigration outstripped immigration, and immigrants continued to hand in their residencias at record rates.

The stats office INE say that over 200,000 immigrants renounced their residency in 2013, compared to just 15.229 in 2012.

And only births registered to Spaniards outstripped deaths by just 54.482 in 2013, almost half that of 2012. Spain already suffered from one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and la crisis is just making things worse.

In all, there are currently 47.129.783 people in Spain, of which 41.583.545 are Spanish, 5.546.238 foriegners.

Andalucia, incidentally, lost 17.385 people.

INE expects the population of Spain to drop by almost 3 million people over the next decade, as emigration increases, immigration drops and the birth rate continues low.

2 Replies to “Spanish population plummets as immigrants flee”

  1. The figure for births is surely missing a zero. The equivalent for England and Wales is over 700k.

  2. Whoops – a line of text was missing. The figure of 54.482 was the net gain of births against deaths of Spaniards last year, Well spotted!

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