We have a tomorrow full of sunny days and blue skies says a happy Rajoy

He must be going on holiday to Almeria….

No, seriously, Rajoy has come back from Washington DC in a daze of happiness. He’s been hob-nobbing with the most important people in the world, they’ve been giving him the time of day, and he’s come back full of beans.

His first official act was presenting the Carlos V medal to José Manuel Durao Barroso this afternoon, together with Prince Felipe, where he was on fine form, cracking jokes and whatnot.

His response so far to the Catalan independence crisis was to mention this afternoon that “we have a great Constitution, and one of agreement, inside which we all can fit”. He then went off on a tangent ,and he then went on about how “Europe is today the spring of hope for tomorrow”.

“If we persevere together with the rest of the Europeans in trail blazing the paths of liberty, of cohesion and of solidarity, we will have a tomorrow full of sunny days and blue skies because this world, nor us, can leave to one side this great project of social integration with is Europe, nor the values we bring to it” he said, paraphrasing in a very round about way Antonio Machado.


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