David Bisbal to be face & voice of “Costa de Almeria” tourism programme

Famous singer & local lad David Bisbal has agreed to be the face of the latest “Costa de Almeriatourism campaign, says the Diputacion de Almeria.

The new campaign will be launched on the 23rd of January with a showing of the promotional videos at the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, at the same time as the artist launches his latest single “Diez mil maneras’.

Bisbal has agreed to allow his latest single to be used in the promotional campaign in order to help promote his homeland, and says that wherever he goes in the world, he always tries to promote Almeria.

Almeria Tourism Board & Universal Music Spain will be launching the two campaigns together, and based on previous Bisbal videos, hope some 16 million people will see the Almeria videos.

Bisbal is also launching a world tour, during which he will be promoting Almeria as a tourist destination. The tour kicks off in Buenos Aires on the 4th of April, and “Come to Almeria” ads will be screened during his concert.

Thanks to Bisbal’s generous efforts, the whole campaign will  only cost Almeria some 200,000€, the cost of making the videos, as Bisbal is throwing his efforts in pro bono.

He will also be promoting Almeria to his 6 million Twitter followers, or 2,3 million followers on Facebook. He’s accumulated 110 million plays of his videos on facebook.

Here’s last years “Costa de Almeria” promotional video, courtesy of the Patronato :

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