Almeria city in massive traffic fine cockup

Almeria city has been found guilty of not following correct procedures in notifying hundreds of drivers of traffic fines.

The average fine was about €48. It will cost the city €300 in court costs for every fine which is appealed against.

The case came about after drivers started to appeal against traffic fines they had received from the city, alleging that the city hadn’t followed correct procedures in telling them about the fines, meaning the amount to pay had gone up.

A judge ruled in the drivers favour, and furthermore, established a precedent for all the traffic fines of this type issued during 2013.

This means that if you’ve received one of these traffic fines from Almeria city, you can lodge an appeal in the courts (as established by law), the appeal will automatically go through, you get your €48 + late payment fees back, and Almeria city has to pay the courts an additional €300.

Fun, isn’t it? The court fees comes from the annoying little law the PP introduced which abolished free and fair justice in this country. Nice to see it applies to both sides.

Almería city doesn’t yet know the full cost of the blunder. (Más aquí)

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