Judge is CONSPIRING AGAINST Princess Cristina says the Public PROSECUTOR!

The Public Prosecutor has accused the Judge who is brining the prosecution against Princess Cristina of being part of a “conspiracy theory” against the Royal Family, and of being duped by Tax Inspectors who have a grudge against their Institution.

It’s a bizarre move which leaves everyone in no doubt that the State is 100% on the side of the Royal Family, without bothering to ask if they have been emptying the public coffers into their little Swiss bank accounts.

One of the issues revolves around three fake invoices from the company of the Infanta which bear her signature, for a total of €69.900.

The husband of the Infanta set up a complicated web of fake companies. The allegations are that He would then use his Royal connections to get crooked politicians to pay off on fictitious invoices, or bill large companies large invoices just to use his name, and then use this web of fake companies to erode all the tax the couple were liable for.

When the Judge previously laid charges against the Infanta for using these invoices in her tax return (they form the basis of the tax fraud allegations against her personally), the Tax Office (Hacienda) declared that the invoices were true and proper, so the prosecution collapsed.

This time, however, the Judge has used the testimony of several Tax Inspectors who have declared that the invoices are fake, for services that were never carried out, and run contrary to the Law and the protocols of the Tax Office.

In short: fiddling tax, but the bosses at Hacienda were told to look the other way.

Public Prosecutor Pedro Horroch in front a Guardia Civil station

The Public Prosecutor Pedro Horrach, representing the State, has accused the Judge in writing of falling into a conspiracy theory against the Royal Family, of being duped by Tax Inspectors who have a grudge against the institution, and said that the Judge is allowing his instincts to rule his head. “You cannot prosecute on an instinct, or on a doubt, or a suspicion” he declared in a written statement to the court.

The position of both Hacienda and Pedro H is now that the three invoices are “simulated” but still “valid”, whatever that means.

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