Spanish Infanta will testify on the 8th Feb

The Judge prosecuting the Infanta Cristina over tax fraud and corruption allegations has moved the trial date forwards to the 8th Feb in exchange for the Infanta dropping legal delaying moves. (See Princess Cristina tells lawyers to stop appealing against prosecution).

It was originally planned for the 8th of March. Judge Castro says this is the earliest possible date the trial can be held.

The Infanta dropped her delaying tactics last week saying she wanted to publicly clear her name before a court of law. Her husband, Iñaki, who is on trial for using his Royal connections to steal millions in collusion with public officials, says she is being smeared by her enemies and it’s daft to think she had anything to do with the case.

I notice the 8th of Feb is a Saturday, no doubt to ensure maximum audience for the live TV coverage. The trial starts at 10 am, and promises to outdo even the OJ Simpson trial for news coverage!

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