Archbishopric of Granada has their website hacked by feminist hackers

And instead of taking the cheap laughs route of a homosexual image, the hackers took their time and put up anti-Catholic satire, and philosophical messages urging people to throw off their shackles and be free.

The attack was attributed to #Anonymous, the hackers group, but who knows. The hackers claim to be part of the larger #Op-Vatican group.

The attack was in response to the support given by the Bishop of Granada to the anti-feminist book “Get married and be submissive”, which I originally thought was the sequel to 50 shades, but turns out to be a Catholic marriage advice book.

No official comment from the fat bloke who runs the Granada Catholic Mafia (feature above), but his page was offline earlier.

On  a related note, has anyone ever seen a skinny arch-Bishop? Sort of goes against the grain, doesn’t it?

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