Princess Cristina tells lawyers to stop appealing against prosecution

The Infanta has said that she is more than prepared to do her duty by voluntarily appearing in front of the Court to explain her involvement in the alleged charges of tax evasion and fraud.

Spain had been preparing for a lengthy court battle as the Infanta had a number of legal options available to her to try to avoid having to appear in court.

The Public Prosecutor was also widely expected to argue again that prosecuting the Infanta would not be in the public interest, as they did before – hey, nobody likes criticising the bosses daughter, do they? Not a good career move, if you get what I mean.

She’s ordered her defense team to stop appealing against the decision, saying that she needs to appear in public to clear her name and restore her reputation.

When the Infanta was called to court last year by the same Judge, the Public Prosecutor managed to get the charges dropped by a superior court, in an unusual move for the people who are supposed to be chasing the baddies.

Her statement said that she firmly denies all wrong doings and is looking forwards to publicly clearing her name and putting the whole sorry episode to an end.

By agreeing to appear, the court date could be bought forwards as there is no need to consider the appeals from both side before the trial  date.

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